And we’re live!


We have finally launched! Conquer Mars is now live on Kongregate, an online games platform.

Click here to play Conquer Mars

A few more days


Sorry! It’s not possible to play Conquer Mars just yet.

In a few days we will be launching Conquer Mars, so stay tuned.

If you want to know more or get a preview, then leave a message in our forum:

Team play + Rejoin + AI upgrades

Conquer Mars has just been updated, and we have several cool features ready for you in version 0.5.8.

Team play
You no longer need to feel completely alone when playing Conquer Mars :) Now you can play and win together with the AI or other players. You can arrange the teams any way you like – just start a game and try it out.

If you had trouble winning against the AI earlier, this will definitely help. Just put a couple of AI’s on your team, and rule the map together!

If you have played Conquer Mars a lot, you have probably experienced Flash crashing. We already had a feature where you could then spectate the rest of the game, but now you can also rejoin the battle.

Should Flash crash, you can simply reload the webpage, fast-forward to where the game is, and then rejoin. If the other players have kicked you from the game, an AI will take your place, and you can then retake control when you have caught up. Notice: This will only work in multiplayer games.

A prevew of the War Buggy – we’re working on finishing it :)

AI upgrades
I don’t want to spoil the fun by telling you about the specific upgrades. However, the AI has been upgraded to deal with a couple of tactics that human players used a bit too effectively against it.

However, even with these upgrades the AI is still very simple and limited in it’s strategies. A brand new and more advanced AI system is on the road-map.